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The trials club MP-Taito ry will organize Nordic Trial Championship 2012
on 4th and 5th August 2012 at Katriinantie 31,01530 VANTAA, Finland (Vantaan Vauhtikeskus). SML event No: 106/TR/12

Entries must be sent to:
In paper form: Timo Sirkiä, Keltarousku 12, 02730 ESPOO, Finland
Email (scanned version of the entry form is ok):

All entries must be received by 20th July 2012. Entry fee is:
Individual championship: 40€ for riders, 20€ for minders
Team championship: 30€ per rider, 15€ per minder

NEWS (updated 30.07.2012):
- Paddock will be open for riders and their vehicles on Thursday 2.7. at 10:00 Finnish time
NOTE: the motocross track will be normally open during the event. Follow signs when driving to the area, trial and motocross vehicles will be guided to different parts of the parking place.
- Trial event vehicles will get some kind of badge to help guiding each vehicle to a right place in paddock area.
- Staying overnight in the paddock area is 15 EUR per day per vehicle if you use electricity (power is not enough for electric warmers). Payment in the cafeteria. 
NOTE: the water used in showers is from a big container, so use respectfully.
- During the competition on Saturday and Sunday there is about 4 kilometers path thru local farmer's fields. Make sure you keep on the path, and follow all speed limits and other instructions there. There is zero tolerance on that area!
NOTE: The path above cannot be used on Friday. You need to commute by some other means on Friday when visiting sections. The distance is about 2 km on the road.

Updated 31.07.2012:

Updated 03.08.2012:
Color codes for various classes:
- Championship: red
- Juniors: yellow
- Women: orange
- 40+: green
- A: yellow
- B: blue

Updated 03.08.2012:
- Unofficial result service is available in following links
    Nordic Trial Championship Results (Results are updated when a driver has finished a lap and returns her card.)
   Nordic Trial Championship Section results (Results are updated after section is completed.)
   Nordic Trial Team Championship Results (Results are updated when a driver has finished a lap and returns her card.)
   Pages are optimized for mobile devices.

Updated 04.08.2012:
Individual section results

Updated 05.08.2012:
- Team section results

Updated 08.08.2012:
A bug fixed in section results. Swedish veterans result was wrongly calculated in section based print out.
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